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Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson

"The headliner is a charmingly cocky Matt Calvert as bad boy Andrew Jackson. Throughout Calvert dares us to decide whether we stan Jackson or can’t stand him. It is a complexly compelling portrait that suits the part perfectly."


"Matt Calvert does a great job as Nick - one of the hardest things for an actor to do is to play another actor, and his performance is affable and affecting - you can see Calvert playing a great Bottom in an actual production of Midsummer."
"Calvert’s performance is steady, and effectively nuanced in his quiet grief."

The Full Monty

“The Full Monty” has a cast of more than a dozen, including local professional theatre veterans and those making their Workhouse debuts. The cast includes Michael Omohundro, Sean Garcia, Jessi Scott, Tobin Moss, Melynda Burdette. Matt Calvert. Dylan Toms, Aaron Talley, Kristin Renee Reeves. Anthony Williams, Genevieve Williams, Alexander Gordon, Danny Seal, Dana Maginity and Rebecca Kiser.
"The musical has a supporting cast with multiple featured characters and these performances are where the production truly shines."


"Rebecca Cooley is a fantastic Veronica, her voice is powerful and consistent and plays well with Matt Calvert’s J.D. They both shine in the raunchy number “Dead Girl Walking” as well as the ominous “Our Love is God”. Both possess the vocal talents and acting chops to make this a truly special production."
"Calvert, who was great in last season’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” exudes a believable bad-boy magnetism, with a nihilistic attitude that becomes increasingly menacing as the production continues."

Hunchback of Notre Dame

"Phoebus de Martin, as played by Matt Calvert, was another of the golden voices in this production. He has an appealing tonal quality and a gorgeous, powerful voice that gave us goosebumps. "
"Matt Calvert as Phoebus de Martin has great chemistry with Mitchell in their duet "Someday." His character's transformation is beautifully executed."
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